Welcome to Nova Mediterranean Grill where we want to introduce you to the foods of our childhood, the flavors of the Mediterranean.  Our philosophy is straight forward: Make healthy and tasty food with simple and fresh ingredients commonly used across the eastern Mediterranean.

At Nova Grill we emphasize quality and freshness in everything we make.  All of our spreads, dips and dressings are made fresh daily from scratch and all of our meats are all-natural.  We recycle all of our plastic and glass and our bowls, cups, bags and napkins are all compostable.  All used oil is recycled and made into biodiesel for us in the local economy and our electricity emits no carbon dioxide or pollution into the atmosphere because it comes from in-state low-impact hydroelectric, wind and solar power rather than fossil fuels.  We also use cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly and are made only from renewable resources.

Thanks for stopping by our website and we look forward to serving you.